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The Power of Product Imagery

As the new year unfolds, we continue to move forward right alongside the days. I was working this week and realized one of the projects we enjoy just doesn’t get much exposure on the site. We’re always talking about Small Business SEO, so I thought I’d share a bit about Product Photography.

The Internet is a fabulous medium, but it lacks that one aspect of the easy sell . . . touch. That’s where Product Photography shines. We love to buy things online, but having an accurate representation of the product makes it much easier for us to click “Buy Now”.

We may not be able to to pick it up off the shelf and turn it around, but accurate Product imagery with multiple shots from all angles, is a close second. It allows us to see what the product really looks like. Better yet, when placed next to a standard object, we can see size and compare it to something in our own lives. It helps us see how that product will look in our homes. It helps us visualize the product as our own and that’s an important step in the buying process.

Even better than multiple pictures is a short video. I’ve personally bought multiple items from the online motorcycle gear shop RevZilla specifically because of their product videos. They do a great job of showing me the jacket I’m interested in, going so far as to have a guy about my size put it on and turn around. It’s a powerful visual and it’s led me to open my wallet on more than one occasion.

Would your customers say that about your site? What about the visitors who left without buying anything? Do you think they might have made a purchase if they had seen an accurate representation of your product offering? It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try and we’d be happy to help. Whether you’re in Alpharetta or across the country, drop us a line to discuss how a short photo or video session could improve your online sales.