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Email Might Still Be Your Best Option

We’ve all heard it . . . Social is where it’s at. Email is dead.

Email marketing has been panned for years now. First it was MySpace (No, seriously.) Then it was Facebook. Then it was Twitter. Then it was FourSquare. Then it was . . . what? Pinterest? And let’s not forget Google’s attempt to merge email and social with Google Wave. Oh, and then forcing us all into Google+. Anyhow, email has been rumored to have been replaced by [insert social platform here] for years now. But it’s still around.

Not only is email marketing still around, it’s still working. Social platforms are a great way to communicate with each other, especially friends and family, but email is still likely to be your best option when it comes to direct to consumer marketing. In fact, a recent survey suggests email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter. Why’s that?

Well, regardless of what social platform you use, not everyone else does. I prefer Facebook and Twitter, but some folks prefer Google+. Some people prefer the more “edgy” type stuff, like Vine. Any way you slice it, you’ll find potential customers. Of course, you’ll also be missing others. That’s because not every platform is right for every business or individual. We’ve all got preferences.

Well, guess what. We also all have email. I’m fairly certain an email address comes along with the birth certificate these days. That’s why email marketing remains on top. No matter what social platform you choose to use for your business, you’ve still got a great shot of targeting a huge audience with email. When you take the time to make sure you’ve got great landing pages for those email campaigns, landing pages that look great on mobile as well as desktop browsers, then you should really be doing well.

Oh, and email marketing is cheap. It’s real cheap. And, when done correctly, your email marketing strategy can deliver big results for the small amount of money you invest.

You still get a pile of SPAM emails every day, right? Ever thought about why that is? Exactly. Because email marketing works and it’s one of, if not THE, most cost effective marketing campaign you can use. If you’re not using email marketing to help your business succeed, give us a holler. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

SIDE NOTE: SEO is proclaimed to be “dead” every year, so take any industry death announcement with a grain of salt.