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SEO Phone Tracking

One of the biggest issues with SEO for small business has been tracking. Actually, it’s been more about the lack of tracking. Once you publish an article or launch an add campaign, or even an email campaign, you can lose some of your analytical data due to offline action. Basically, if someone reads your post or sees your ad or gets your email, and chooses to call instead of click, that interaction couldn’t be tracked . . . until now.

Using our phone lead tracking service, we can use a specific phone number to track those interactions. There’s some back end magic to make it work, but the idea is pretty simple.

  • The new number goes out in the SEO, PPC and/or Email campaign.
  • Your potential customer calls the phone tracking number.
  • The call goes through and rings your phone, just like it did yesterday.
  • The call to the new number is registered in your dashboard. We now know the campaign triggered the phone call and report it accordingly.
  • It’s an easy way to track leads that would otherwise go undocumented and it’s totally transparent to your customers. As far as they know, they’re calling you directly (and they are). We’ve just set up an invisible step to acknowledge the source of the call and properly attribute that action to your marketing dollars. that way you know your money is being well spent and driving business to your door, even when they choose not to click to visit.

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