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Three Local SEO Tips to Help You Harness the Raw Power of the Internet For You Business

One of the main biggest challenges small business owners have to deal with is doing all of their own marketing themselves. Not only do they not have enough time to deal with marketing — since they’re busy running their business — but they also lack the necessary experience to do a really great job of it. As a result, they wind up spending way too much time and money, with little to show for it.

Thankfully, the Internet has helped these small businesses overcome the all too common struggle. Local search engines marketing, also known as local SEO, is a popular, cost effective way to increase a business’s web traffic, which results in more leads that can then be converted into sales. Think about the way you’d search for a business. You don’t click on the ads — you click on the search results. Local SEO boosts your website’s rank to a place where more people will see it. Essentially, it’s putting your website to work for you.

Even better, it’s easy to do. The best way to handle it is to work in conjunction with a professional search engine marketing service, but there are also local SEO strategies that you can undertake on your own.

If interested, here are a few local SEO tips to help you harness the raw power of the Internet for your small business.

Claim Your Local Listing
One of the most common local SEO tips you’ll see is to claim your local listings on sites like Google Places and Yelp. Many of these sites probably already have a listing already made for your business (unless it’s brand new), and all you have to do is claim it through a simple verification process done over the phone. The reason this is one of the best local SEO tips is because hundreds of people in your area will turn to these directories to find a business in your industry.

Respond to Reviews
Now that you’ve claimed your local listings, you can respond to reviews. This is also one of the most common local SEO tips you’ll see, and for good reason. People are going to write positive things about your business, and chances are some people are going to write negative things. It’s important to respond to both — thanking the positive ones and discussing the issues presented by the negative ones — because it shows that you care about your reputation. Amongst all of the local SEO tips you’ll read, this is perhaps the most important.

Post Quality Photos
It’s exactly as they say — a picture is worth 1,000 words. According to local SEO tips from¬†Forbes, you’ll want to post at least 10 quality photos of your business on your site and on your local listings to entice people. If they see happy folks enjoying your services in a clean, professional establishment, they’re naturally going to want to do business with you.

These are just a few of the search engine optimizers that you can put to work for your business. With these local SEO tips, you’ll have a much easier time marketing your business. If you have any questions about these local SEO tips, feel free to ask in the comments.