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Advertise Where You’ll Find YOUR Audience

As a local Search Marketing company, we’ve had our share of ups and downs when it comes to advertising. While casting a wide net using Google Adwords can be a good strategy for some businesses, especially those with a national presence, local businesses often require a different approach. Simply put, you need to advertise where you’ll find your customers.

Sure, most of us still use Google on a daily basis. That’s a pretty safe bet. However, for customers searching for a local product or service, Google may not be their first choice. It may not even be their best choice. More and more, especially given the prominence of mobile use, people are turning to their peers to get recommendations. They’re turning to the likes of Yelp, Facebook and Twitter. That’s why a dollar spent on a Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign may not necessarily be as effective as a dollar spent someplace like Facebook. That’s where “Native Advertising” comes into the picture.

Native Advertising?

It sounds intriguing, but Native Advertising is simply using content to promote a product or service within a more “social” platform. Using Facebook as an example, Native Advertising would come in the form of “Promoted Posts”. These ads, because they are still ads, show up in your news feed just like your friend’s pictures or your coworkers rants. You’ve likely already seen plenty. Of course, they’ll look more like a post than ad, because it’s actually real content not just a billboard. Using Promoted Posts is a clever, minimally intrusive, method to get your company’s message in front of new eyeballs. You see, continuing the Facebook example, your Promoted Post is just an amped up version of one of your normal posts that would ordinarily be seen by just a handful of your page’s followers.

However, by spending a few bucks, that same post is now pushed out to friends of friends and users with specified interests. Rather than your post being seen by 10 people, the Promoted Post has the chance to be seen by 1000 or 100,000 or more depending on how you set up the ad criteria. Using the ideas people have already told Facebook they find interesting through “likes” and posts of their own, Facebook drops your ad in front of a whole slew of new people. Since they have already expressed an interest in similar products or services, your post fits right in.

The Right Message.  The Right Person.  The Right Time.

Native Advertising is all about putting the right message . . . in front of the right person . . . at the right time. Sound familiar? It’s the mantra advertisers have been shouting for years. And now it’s easily adopted by smaller, local businesses.

Stop wasting money by throwing it at the wall to see what sticks. Give us a holler to discuss how we can help you get eyeballs on your message by targeting your ideal customers where they’re already congregating.