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Using PPC Locally

Working with small to medium-sized businesses, we naturally focus on the local markets. There’s no reason to run a national paid search campaign when your company only services a specific part of the local population. It’s just wasteful and we don’t like wasting time or money.

That’s why we like local paid search campaigns. Using Paid Search to target specific locations allows you to pay to attract clients and customers who might actually use your services or come to your business. There’s no need to pay for web traffic in St George, Utah if you’re a beauty salon in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Similarly, targeting the local market using paid search can give you a jump in mobile traffic. I know I come back to this a good deal, but it’s important. Mobile devices are everywhere and we use them to search for everything. Looking for a good restaurant? I’d bet you check it our with your phone’s browser or an app like Yelp or Urban Spoon. Need to find an emergency plumber? Why go to the computer when you can Google it with your phone while you’re staring at the problem.

Maybe you’re driving and your spouse is looking for the restaurant or tool rental place. Whatever the situation, using a localized paid search campaign to target local mobile traffic is just good for business. That being said, it’s prime real estate.

The mobile device has a small screen and limited spots for sale. Fortunately, for the time being anyway, those spots are still typically cheaper than desktop space. You’re also likely to get a higher click-thru rate on the mobile devices.

You owe it to your success to keep testing local PPC. Will it be perfect for every business? Of course not, but testing and optimizing should be an ongoing part of your paid search efforts anyway. Why not try it?