Mobile Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO for Small BusinessYour customers are looking for you and they’re using their phones to do it.

A huge part of Local SEO for small business includes optimizing the mobile experience. When your potential customers are driving around or walking down the street, they’ll likely use their phone to find their next destination. By optimizing the mobile experience, we’re letting them know you’re open for business. That’s literal. Mobile optimization puts the focus on local businesses to make sure potential customers can find your address, your phone number and even your hours of operation.

In most cases, mobile searches use your phone’s GPS to pull up relevant search results based on where you are right now. That means you need to get your information out there to make sure you’re listed in those search results. Beyond that, you need to make sure mobile users can navigate your website.

One of the most influential factors in mobile search today is the user experience. If Google crawls your site and they don’t find it easy to use on mobile devices they are devaluing its importance. Given the importance of local customers on mobile devices, you have got to make sure your site looks good on mobile devices. That’s why we use Responsive Design in our website design projects to make sure your normal website looks just as good on tablets and smartphones as it does on laptops. And you still have just one site.

You simply can’t afford to ignore mobile users.

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