Our Social Media Services

SEO for Small BusinessSocial Media is probably the most over used (and slightly abused) term in the marketing lexicon. However, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it.

The simple truth is that even if you don’t believe in using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any of the other myriad of Social Media outlets, your clients and customers most certainly do. In fact, your customers (and potential customers) are likely talking about you online right now. You can be certain of that.

Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate the cluster of Social Media platforms on your own (or at all). With our Social Media services, we can take charge of your online presence and help you join the conversation. More importantly, we can help you steer the conversation. We can help you understand what your customers are saying about you and your company, as well as get your marketing messages in front of the right audience.

It all comes down to effective management of your social profiles and it can be rather time intensive. That’s why so many small businesses fail at embracing Social Media. As a business owner, you are so busy running the business that you simply don’t have time to take Facebook and Twitter seriously, but you should. Just like content creation is important to local SEO, constant monitoring of the various platforms is essential to effective Social Media. Social Media Management is really all about cultivating leads and generating fans of your brand and it has become an indispensable piece of your marketing strategy.

Not only is it important to be part of the conversation, but the interaction matters to Search Engine algorithms.

  • Social signals are increasingly relevant to search rankings
  • Online communities enable direct conversation with interested people
  • Strategic, consistent messaging in popular digital communities increases brand awareness and positive interactions
  • Interactive content engages participants
  • Outsourced social media streamlines social media management
  • Appropriate social media relationships and impressions generate leads

The more people talk about you online, the more relevant your company appears to the Search Engines. While that is important, you should never lose sight of the fact that these social interactions are more about customer service and lead generation. Being an active participant in Social Media is about building relationships with your customers.

Contact us to discuss how our Social Media Team can help you take charge of your online presence.

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