Mobile Optimized, Responsive Web Design

We won’t even discuss whether or not your business needs a website. Of course, you do. The only question you need to ask yourself is this: “What kind of image do I want my website to portray?”

Your website is how the world sees you. When people come to your site, whether they come to buy or simply to research, they are going to judge your company based on the condition of your website. If it looks like it was built in 1994, most visitors will be turned off immediately. If your site has a bad layout and information is hard to find, or pictures and text take forever to load on phones and tablets, most users will leave immediately.

The fact is you’re site is just as important as your brick and mortar building, even more so if you only do business online. For that reason, you should take your website design seriously. Contact us whether you’re looking for a local Alpharetta Web Design Team or simply looking for a reliable partner no matter where you’re located. Regardless, you should insist on using a web design agency with a history of marketing experience to make sure you build a site that helps move customers through the marketing funnel with as few hurdles as possible. All too often, you get a designer who has never worked in online marketing. Sure, your site may look like a work of art, but does it also work to drive new customers to your door? Does it look like a desktop site squashed into a smart phone screen? Your website has to be easy to use on every device: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Responsive Design

One absolute must-have is a mobile friendly site.  Think about how often you search for a site or location on your smartphone or tablet.  You do it.  Everyone does it.  That’s why your website must properly translate to mobile platforms.  At Suburban Marketing, we’re big fans of Responsive Design.  Responsive Design allows you to have one site across multiple platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.  That’s one site to maintain without having a secondary site for mobile traffic and it looks good on every device . . . automatically.

Using REsponsive Design, your website has a “fluid layout”. It looks great on your typical computer screen, but our “mobile first” design strategy means your site is optimized for mobile viewing. Your site will adjust itself to look great on every device . . . your grandma’s iPhone, your kid’s iTouch, your wife’s Kindle Fire, your husband’s Moto X or whatever next generation of mobile technology hits the streets. It’s one site that just works on every platform and Google recommends Responsive Design to create user friendly websites that tend to rank higher in Search Engine Rankings. Responsive Design is simply a must have.

Of course, ou will achieve the best Return On Investment (ROI) when you combine Lead Generation campaigns (SEO, PPC, and Email marketing) with a sales oriented website design. Our affordable, attractive, and highly functional websites are custom-made with high end features and easy-to-use navigation. With our best-in-class requirements gathering process, your website will be delivered efficiently and just as you expected, without a bunch of back and forth.

Your new website will deliver precise Calls To Action (CTA) and encourage your visitors to interact with your business.

Suburban Marketing Website Development

  • Instant price quotes
  • Custom templates and contemporary designs
  • Best-in-class requirements gathering process (PRQ) is efficient and keeps you in control throughout the process
  • Access to professional copywriters and expert website developers
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Modern website design promotes brand awareness
  • Intelligent calls to action, interactive content, and information assets convert visitors into customers
  • Affordable, dependable web hosting ensures reliability
  • Video producers, graphic designers and copywriters bring your website to life
  • Integration with online marketing project management and reporting tool provides seamless lead tracking, workflow management and consolidated monthly reports of your entire marketing program

Get started with a Free Competitive Analysis to see how your existing site compares to your competition. Or go ahead and contact us to discuss how we can create a Mobile Optimized Website Design for your company.