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Facebook Removes Company Likes From Users’ Newsfeeds

Facebook is shaking up internet marketing strategies with its recent algorithm update. Only 1% to 2% of Facebook users will see company likes once updates go into effect, Time magazine reports. In other words, it is highly unlikely that businesses will be able to reach Facebook users organically.

Facebook Pushes The Envelope on Paid Advertising
Facebook’s algorithm update more or less mandates paid advertising. That is, if companies want to guarantee users seeing their content on their newsfeeds, they will have to pay for it. “Over the past several months, Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of Pages. Even if a person likes a company or organization on the social network, they’re unlikely to naturally see that page’s content in their newsfeed,” Time explains. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the sentiment in no uncertain times. “Like many mediums, if businesses want to make sure that people see their content, the best strategy is, and always has been, paid advertising,” she wrote in an email.

What Marketers Can — And Should! — Do
There are ways around paying for Facebook advertising (or at least paying too much for it). First and foremost, search engine optimization packages and web marketing solutions should never rely on just one form of advertising. The best way to ensure success is to implement diverse campaigns, with natural search engine optimization, PPC, retargeted ads, and email campaigns. A varied campaign guarantees at least some level of success — even if algorithm updates temporarily put a wrench in search engine optimization or social media marketing. Marketers also underestimate the value of less popular tactics, such as PPC, retargeting, and email advertising. New research shows that retargeting is extremely effective — with up to 64% of customers clicking on retargeted ads.

Facebook is not so subtly forcing companies to choose paid advertising or less effective advertising. Marketers and search engine optimizers, however, do not necessarily have to stand for it. Instead, strengthen natural search engine optimization, search engine marketing strategies, and social media marketing with carefully executed PPC and retargeted advertisements.