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Guest Blogging

We all know “Content Is King“.  We also know we’ve got to “earn links” to our site.  Well, when you put those two necessities together, you sometimes find yourself guest blogging.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Guest Blogging” it’s basically exactly what it sounds like it is.  It is the practice of writing a blog post for a site other than your own.  Guest blogging can be done by invitation, but it’s usually done at the guest author’s request.

Why would you want to write for some other site?  Simple.  You’re trying to spread the word about you, your company and/or your products and services.  A good blog won’t allow you to submit an article that is a blatant sales piece.  A good blog will be protective of its authority and won’t allow any old schmoe to publish self adulating posts on its site.  It could bring down the value of the site.  And that, my friends, is the rub.

We need to earn links to drive traffic.  Guest blogging as always been a good means to do just that, but, like most everything on the web, it’s been abused.  Now, thanks to the overwhelming amount of spammy guest blog posts, our Search Engine friends see guest blogging as a spam tactic.

It’s not a blanket statement.  Not ALL guest blog posts are spam.  However, most are.  In order to ensure your blog or your attempts at guest blogging are not flagged as spam, you should follow the guidelines laid out by Google’s Matt Cutts:

  • Don’t make guest blogging your only link building strategy
  • Don’t send out thousands of mass emails offering to guest blog to random sites
  • Don’t use the same guest article on two different sites
  • Don’t take one article and spin it many times

Like all things SEO, be smart about what you do. If you think it’s shady, it likely is, so don’t do it. SEO is changing. That’s for certain. We’ve always stayed away from spammy tactics, but now everyone is being forced to leave their spammy tactics behind them. That means you have to actually work at building relationships online, not just spamming any site that’ll let you.

Work smart, not hard.