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Hummingbird Update

As we discussed earlier this week, Google is making changes again (when aren’t they?).

Now, Google has actually admitted to making a rather big change this week. It’s been rolling out for a while now, but Hummingbird is now official. As with the majority of algorithm updates, I’m typically in favor of it. It means better search quality for all of us and typically means less spam in your search results. Once again, the algorithm update isn’t geared toward spanking anyone in particular, but at improving your search results.

The interesting part of this update is the focus on “Conversational Search”. Danny Sullivan wrote a great piece on “Conversational Search” back in May. Look into it, because it’s pretty cool and it’s definitely shaping the way we search. In reality, the update is just another example of how Google has been taking strides to better understand what you actually mean in the searches you make. One thing they’ve noticed is that searches are getting more conversational, especially in mobile search. Sullivan just wrote a great summary of the Hummingbird update over at Search Engine Land. Give it a read.

The picture of the hummingbird was used in conjunction with the Creative Commons license from photographer John Paluck.