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If You Want to Be Found Online, You Need SEM Help

At the end of 2012, more than 90% of all online experiences had their start at the search engine. With the popularity of the internet, and the reliance of users on search engines to find what they are looking for, many businesses, big and small, are seeing the value in being easily found online.

With this demand, the creation of SEM search engine marketing companies has also risen to help companies achieve their search engine optimization goals. If you want to realize the benefits of being online, the best thing you can do is hire a search engine marketing service. Here are three reasons why hiring professionals will be preferable to attempting SEO in-house.

  1. Small business search engine marketing requires in-depth knowledge.

    Did you know that Google has more than 80% of the search engine market share? Not only that, but the search behemoth changes its algorithms a few times each day, or between 500 and 600 times in a year. Every now and then, Google makes much larger updates, and knowing what these often-complicated updates mean is important to staying on top of SEO strategies. Furthermore, studies of internet user behavior show that more than 70% of users prefer to click on search engine results that are naturally at the top of a ranked list. One of the primary benefits to hiring a company is knowing that all of the important research has already been done, and that it is being used to guide your campaign.

  2. Effective SEM search engine marketing requires resources.

    However, it is not enough to know why users do what they do. It is important to know what needs to be changed on your website, and in your content, to take advantage of those behaviors. Equally important is knowing which search engine marketing strategies will be most effective for your particular industry. Search engine marketing tools that companies might use include PPC advertising, content creation, link building, onsite optimization through manipulation of tags, and social media marketing. Did you know that about 70% of internet users connect with social media? Does your company have the resources to pull off all these strategies?

  3. Good search engine marketing requires time.

    Even if you spent only one hour a day on each of those strategies described above, who in your organization would have the time to do it? If you want SEM search engine marketing to bring a positive change to your search engine ranking or positioning, it will take time. Not only will the algorithms continue to change, but internet user behaviors change, and your competitors are going to also be working at maintaining good online positioning. SEO is a long-term commitment, and cannot be won in an all-out sprint.

Finally, remember that any good marketing campaign needs to be measured and evaluated. Knowledge, resources, and time are the three primary reasons that hiring an SEO marketing company is preferable, but you might find additional reasons – such as the fact that marketing is not something that everyone enjoys doing. If your company wants to gain a better position online and on the search engine rankings, then consider what you might gain by hiring professionals.