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SEO for the Holidays

We last discussed the onslaught of SEO predictions for 2014. In a similar vein to year-end predictions, there are plenty of “holiday tips” out there. What kind of tips could you offer your clients and customers?

I’ve come to realize that people use the Internet for entertainment, communication or information. As a small business owner, you’ve got to use those actions to your advantage. Many companies opt for the entertainment avenue and fail miserably. That’s just fact. Very few videos or stories “go viral”. However, a useful article can provide answers for years. I was searching for something the other day (I honestly can’t recall what it was) and one of the top search results was an article from 2003. 2003!

Needless to say, that article was far too out of date to be of any use to me, but it proves a point. These articles don’t really go away. Once you write it, it stays out there driving traffic for as long as people are searching for answers. Of course, the “fresher” content will typically win out in the search results, but the point remains. Build it and they will come – probably.

That’s where the holiday tips factor in. How many questions do you answer this time of year? How long would it take to write a short article to offer those answers to countless new readers? Don’t forget, those readers translate to visitors which can translate to customers. That is the end goal of SEO for the holidays. Drive traffic with interesting and useful information.

So put your thinking cap on and come up with a list of holiday tips to share with your readers. Not only will they find it useful, so will everyone else who searches for the same thing.