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Social Media and SEO Aren’t Mutally Exclusive

Is social media a critical component of SEO (search engine optimization)? More marketers are saying yes. Underestimating the importance of social media platforms in search engine marketing strategies may be a grave error. “One third of new content discovery involves some form of social engagement,” The Guardian reports, even though “an average of just 1% of marketing spend goes towards social [media advertising].”

Marketers Aren’t Spending Enough Time on Social Media
Search engine optimizers are not giving social media the time of day, and — if and when they do — they are often doing it wrong. Like natural search engine optimization, social media marketing takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Marketers should be aware, too, that consumers expect fast response times. (In fact, 42% say they expect businesses to respond to social media queries in an hour or less.) Companies that do not comply may risk losing customers.

Companies hoping to tackle social media marketing — and see results — should allot plenty of time for it. Businesses without the staff and time should consider social media and search engine marketing professional services. Professionals can develop social media presence over time, and address timely concerns (including consumer queries and complaints) as they arise.

Older Generations Signing Up in Droves; Targeting Youth Only is a Mistake
Older generations are embracing social media, particularly Facebook. Targeting ads to teens and twentysomethings — and only those age groups — is not smart. “As of September, 2013 the number of 15-34 year olds on Facebook is 66%. Interestingly, 45% of internet users who are 65 years or older are also on Facebook,” Search Engine Journal reveals. An important part of any marketing strategy, including social media and web marketing SEO, is knowing your audience. Know that older generations are on Facebook, and tailor advertisements and messages to reach as many consumers as possible.

Social media is around to stay. Focusing on web marketing SEO only risks not reaching customers. Keep your company in the loop by creating a strong social media presence, devoting adequate time to upkeep, and knowing your audience on social media platforms.