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Tell Me a Story

Let me ask you a question. Do you think people are tired of being subjected to marketing, especially online marketing?

It’s certainly possible. It’s definitely possible in social media marketing because that market can be brutal. That’s why good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. I know I say it a lot, but good marketing makes an emotional connection which totally bypasses the BS detector. Good marketing simply doesn’t feel like marketing.

I often suggest you think about your marketing as your own consumer. Would you react to what you’re putting out there or would you totally ignore it? Worse yet, would it actually turn you off? Taking a look at your own campaigns through the eyes of the consumer can help you quickly decide to publish it or trash it. So take a look. Does it feel like you’re trying to cram a sale down your own throat or does your campaign draw you in?

You’ve got to establish that emotional connection in order to make an impact. You can use something funny to get us laughing or you can use sympathy to help us understand your plight – a plight that is really a mirror of our own problem. Either way, you’re connecting on an emotional level and that helps us remember you and your campaign. Think about the last ad campaign that you thought was really good. Why is that? I’d wager you remember it because you felt a connection to the story.

That story, whether comical or sappy or happy or sad, left an impression on you and that’s what you’ve got to do in your own campaigns. Tell me a story. Don’t just harass me with a huge, flashing SALE banner. I won’t buy it. I want a memorable line or a simple image that helps me immediately connect with what you’re promoting. No matter what medium you use, I should be able to connect emotionally and compare your story to my life.

You’ve got just a few seconds of my time to fill some sort of void. Make it count.