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Use SEO to Help Your Business Stand Out and Grow

Search Engine MarketingThe ability to make purchases online has drastically altered the American marketplace. Nowadays, many people are shopping from the comfort of their own home, without even bothering to put on pants, rather than fighting the crowds in packed malls and brick and mortar retailers.

As a result, according to Forrester Research, Americans will spend more than $320 billion online by 2016. This means that businesses will need to work to establish a strong web presence if they hope to attract new customers and expand. Because three quarters of all online transactions start with a trip to a search engine, using search engines marketing strategies might be the best way to do so.

Online search engine optimization programs are vital because they help businesses achieve higher rankings on sites like Google, and therefore achieve greater visibility. On average, Google records some 34,000 searches a second – that’s around three billion every day. But the majority of users find what they are looking for on the first page of results, and don’t even bother scrolling to the next page. Because of that, businesses who are looking to attract new customers should work to earn high rankings. Without the use of strong search engines marketing strategies, however, doing so will prove to be near impossible.

Some business owners and managers might believe that having a great website will be good enough when it comes to online marketing. But the reality is that, no matter how awesome a site is, if nobody ever sees it, it will be rendered relatively useless. So coupling a new web design with a comprehensive small business search engine optimization program is a good idea for small business owners. Doing so can go a long way towards earning high rankings, providing web traffic with a positive experience, and building a larger customer base.

Though some companies are fortunate enough to have both the resources and talented employees needed to do all their work in-house, many will find that working with search engine marketing professionals is the only way to boost their rankings. SEO and SEM experts will be able to efficiently provide the content and knowledge that businesses need to cater to search engine algorithms. Plus, they allow owners and managers to be more flexible with how they allocate in-house resources. As a result, internet marketing firms are a great resource for businesses who need a bit of help finding the right web marketing solutions.

Despite the fact that search engines marketing programs can be quite beneficial, they are hardly the only ones that businesses looking to grow should use. In addition, there should be at least some emphasis placed on social media, email marketing, mobile optimization, and even PPC. Finding the right combination of strategies is vital for businesses looking to give themselves an edge and thrive in the marketplace of today.