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What Do I Do About the Penguin Update?

With all of the talk about Hummingbird and the latest Penguin Update, it’s easy to find yourself getting stressed out. Well, I always fall back on the ol’ standby. If you’re creating content that people actually want to read, content that actually provides some form of useful information to some user out there, you should be fine. Most of these updates are either trying to make search better for the end users (which all of us are) or trying to punish the spammy site (which we are not).

So, rather than get all stressed out about Penguin 2.1 and Hummingbird, relax! Keep on creating quality content about topics that are relevant to your clients, customers and visitors and stay away from the shady tactics you know you shouldn’t be doing anyways.

Then, adopt your yeti persona and have a little old school Flash fun in the form of Penguin Swing (found on Ebaum’s World)