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Yup, the Penguin Is On the Prowl Once More

It has been confirmed by Search Engine Land that Google has indeed rolled out a Penguin update, dubbed Penguin 3.0 (even though it’s officially the 6th update). Well, update may be a bit strong as that implies new functionality. By all accounts, this latest Penguin release is really more of a “refresh”. It’s Google’s way of taking another stab at cleaning the Wonderful World Wide Web of spammy sites.

For those with a short memory, the last Penguin update was October 4, 2013, so it’s been right at a year. Frankly, a year seems a long time to wait for a refresh. Of course, there are those who believe this latest update includes the means to update more frequently. I’m on the side of more frequent updates. I loathe spammy sites. They take up valuable real estate that could be won by legitimate sites while providing no real value to the world. I say, “Good riddance.”

The main reason this update is noteworthy is not by way of penalizing bad sites, but freeing legitimate sites that were inadvertently caught up in spammy link building tactics. Usually through no fault of their own, some sites were penalized in the last round and have been patiently waiting for an update that would allow their sites to rise above the spam. Time will tell.

If you see fluctuations out of the norm in your site stats this week, you don’t need to be alarmed. There is always some fallout after a shakeup of this magnitude. It can take time for everything to get back to normal. However, if the bottom falls out and does not seem to be climbing its way back, that may warrant some investigation.

If you’re seeing any oddities or would simply like us to take a look at your site, give us a call. We’ll happily run a Free SEO Competitive Analysis to see where you rank amongst your competition.