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Facebook Ads & Fathead Sales

Advertising within Social Media channels is a dicey game. It’s not like TV or print ads. It’s not even like regular web advertising. No, Social Media ads cross into a gray area where people don’t really want ads but ads want to be shown where there are people. You have to be very particular with how you word your ads in places like Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s take a look at a company that’s doing Social Media advertising the right way. Fathead, the sports memorabilia store out of Detroit, caught my eye today. Their latest add was exactly what it should be . . . it was right to the point.

Fathead Coupon

The Fathead ad clearly points out that Facebook ads are annoying. However, it also recognizes that people want Fathead coupons and sales. It’s the catch 22 of Facebook advertising and Fathead does a great job of mocking the problem while getting their message out to the people.

Bravo, Fathead. Bravo.