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Facebook Takes Over Another Business; What Is It This Time?

Facebook is at it again. The internet giant added another company to its growing repertoire. In a statement on April 24, Facebook announced its acquisition of Finnish company ProtoGeo Oy. What was Facebook’s motivation? Facebook purchased the company for its fitness-tracking app, Moves. The free app will help Facebook break into the lucrative — and ever-growing — health technology market.

Facebook Jumps Onto The Fitness Bandwagon
Moves automatically tracks distance ran, cycled, and/or walked per day. “In addition to the automated activity tracking, users can also manually enter data, and Moves says it supports more than 60 predefined activity types,” Apple Insider explains. “The app also acts as a pedometer and can plot a user’s daily movements on a map for later analysis.” People all over the world have downloaded the app — four million downloads, in fact, since its release in 2013. Facebook plans to operate Moves separately, without combining or integrating the mobile data with Facebook. Experts do not believe Facebook is after direct profits. Instead, BBC News suggests Facebook will use the app to better understand customers and tailor advertisements to meet consumer needs.

What Can Marketers Learn From Facebook’s Recent Purchase?
Facebook is making a lot of purchases and changes as of late, and marketers can learn from every one of them. The best thing search engine marketing consulting firms can ask is, why did Facebook purchase WhatsApp, Oculus, and now Moves? The answer to that question — to stay relevant and grow with separate and unique products and services — translates directly to search engine marketing strategies. In other words, the best local marketing ideas and local SEO tips are also the most current. Search engine optimizers need to carefully evaluate campaigns for relevance and immediacy. Keeping in mind any algorithm updates and other, related changes will strengthen internet marketing campaigns.

Likewise, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also trying to expand his reach with several profitable — but very different — companies. Search engine marketing consulting firms can follow a similar strategy by combining a handful of elements for a particularly strong internet marketing campaign. Reinforce SEO, for example, with email campaigns, content marketing, retargeted ads, and PPC advertising.

Facebook is still going strong — and its new determination to grow likely has something to do with it. Marketers should take note, and carefully follow suit by keeping SEO and internet marketing campaigns as current as possible — and varied, too.