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Keep SEO Alive in 2014

Did you know a staggering 97% of internet use begins on search engines, and that Google owns 65% to 70% of global search engine market shares? Google continues to dominate the web and drive search engine marketing tools, tactics, and trends. Some of Google’s most recent changes to its search formula, including Hummingbird, (not provided), and Zebra, leave some marketers questioning the value and sustainability of search engine optimization (SEO). How should companies approach natural search engine optimization in 2014?

High Quality Content Marketing

Northwestern University professor Don Schultz says it all: “I really believe that content marketing is the future of all marketing.” Schultz’s opinion is, for the most part, widely accepted. Small business search engine marketing (SEM) can easily benefit from offering consumers original, valuable content. Search Engine Watch suggests that high quality content will accomplish four things. First, content will be useful and tailored to specific audiences. Second and third, content will increase social media presence and reinforce that company webpages are regularly updated. Finally, strong content increases company credibility and authority.

A Thorough, Complete Approach

In the upcoming year, there is little doubt that content will play a critical role in search engine marketing strategies. Even so, the best web marketing solutions address all aspects of SEM. Small businesses will benefit most from SEO by keeping strategies complete and whole. Complete search engine marketing strategies will consider other increasing trends, such as mobile use and social media sharing.

According to research firm McKinsey and Co., mobile subscriptions and browsing currently account for 44% of the world’s computing. Ignoring the importance of optimizing sites for mobile use, including viewing and navigation on smartphones and tablets, would be a grave mistake. Likewise, Search Engine Watch reveals that businesses are currently active on at least seven separate social media sites. Keep up with the competition by taking social media marketing seriously.

SEO tactics and trends may be shifting, but they have lasting marketing and sales value, so it’s important to keep up with the changes. In the coming year, focus on quality content, optimizing sites for mobile viewing, and establishing a strong presence on social media.